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Educational Series and Resources

DHHS Developmental Disabilities Resources

This website includes the Along the Way directories, how to access and apply for services, and agencies that provide support throughout the state.

World Down Syndrome Day Resources

Find printable resources, book ideas and other resources to help you celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. 

DSAF New Parent Resource Booklet 

New Parent Resources is brought to you by DSAF Medical Outreach. It is a great go-to list of all sorts of connections you will find yourself in-need of (and, some you don't yet know you need!). 

Benefits - Social Security Administration

If you feel you may be entitled to Social Security Benefits, please contact the Lincoln Social Security Office or visit SSA web-site listed above.

Dental Care Guidance

When it comes to heading to the dentist, there can be feelings of stress and anxiety. For patients with Down syndrome, these feelings can be much more intense. Learn some tips and care for instilling good oral hygiene habits.

Thank You to Our $1,000 Gold Star and Higher Sponsors!

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