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Dear Friends:

The Down Syndrome Association for Families (DSAF) formed in 1995 as a way for parents to network and share the accomplishments and challenges of our children. Many families who have, or are expecting a child with, Down syndrome don’t always have reliable support or have access to accurate information about Down syndrome. DSAF provides that support and information, along with a vision of what a blessing their child will be in their lives.

In 2002, the DSAF hosted the first "Buddy Walk" to bring about awareness and serve as our one annual fundraiser. In 2010, we joined with other Down syndrome affiliate groups across the country to re-brand our annual walk. The Capital City Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk is our redirected effort to include Down syndrome in the event name, along with creating a positive call-to-action for the entire community and state. It is the same event in every other way and draws participants from across Nebraska and the United States!

Thanks to the walk, the DSAF has grown in what it can provide to Lincoln and beyond. You can see all the details in our first Annual Report entitled: Highlighting Accomplishments & Raising the Bar. Please browse our site, utilize our resources, read our E-mail blasts, like our Facebook page, watch our Stars video, and engage in our expanding array of events. We continue our goal of moving the DSAF to become a state-wide organization. Don't forget to register and pledge online soon for the Step Up Walk!

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Thank You to Our $1,000 Gold Star and Higher Sponsors!

Down Syndrome Association for Families of Nebraska
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Phone: 402.421.1338

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