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Let Me See You Move for Give to Lincoln Day

  • May 19, 2021
  • May 25, 2021
  • Wherever/However You'd Like to Exercise!

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Let Me See You Move...and Help DSAF Raise Critical Funds to Support People with Down Syndrome!

Give to Lincoln Day, a campaign where Lancaster County comes together to support the important work of its nonprofits, begins May 1 and culminates in one final, super exciting, day of giving on May 25! Last year, amidst all the unknowns of COVID, DSAF supporters donated over $14,000 to help people with Down syndrome. W.O.W!!! (And thank you again for your support!)

For this year's campaign, DSAF staff and board think it would be incredibly fun if we could all work together to show the community just how engaged our families can be - and what better way than  around exercise!

Our fundraising team will work tirelessly to reach out to community members and corporate partners throughout Lancaster County to request their early financial support of DSAF with the promise that for every $1 they donate by May 14, our member families will collectively pledge 1 minute of exercise by Give to Lincoln Day on May 25.

How would this work? 
Here's an example: If generous donors contributed $5,000 by May 14, participating DSAF families would collectively match that with 5,000 minutes of exercise the week leading up to Give to Lincoln (so May 17-May 25).

How would it be tracked?
With the good ol' "honor system." We'd love for participating families to show us on social media how they are getting out and being active for their portion of those matched minutes of exercise. Tag and use the hashtag #MovingForDSAF so we can all follow the fun!

What would count as exercise?
You could bike as a family (if 5 of you go on a bike ride for 1 hour, that's 5 hours!), take a walk around Holmes Lake, attend a virtual yoga class - however you want to exercise! Back to the $5,000/5,000 minute example, if we had 20 families participating, 5,000 minutes of exercise would equate to approximately 4 hours per family. Totally doable in one week(end)!

This is awesome! How do I sign up?
If this seems at all up your alley, join us in this campaign and help us engage new supporters of DSAF in an entirely new way! We are asking any member families who would like to participate, to simply RSVP by April 30th to take part in this fun (and healthy!) activity. 

Thank you! For questions, contact Jamie Bertucci at

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