2016 Educational Conference BROCHURE  

DSAF is one of 11 organizations across the United States receiving a GLOBAL DOWN SYNDROME FOUNDATION EDUCATIONAL GRANT for innovative programs impacting the lives of thousands of people with Down syndrome across the nation. The 2016 DSAF Educational Conference will provide accurate and up-to-date information on best practices to parents, educators, medical professionals, and direct-service professionals across the state, with a focus on education and behavior in children with Down syndrome. Global's Educational Grant eligibility is one of the key benefits to DSAF's GDS membership. DSAF is grateful for the opportunity to better serve its membership and greater Down syndrome community.  

2013 Educational Conference 

Helping children with special needs reach their full potential was held on March 2, 2013To access conference materials, click Here.

Wrightslaw Bootcamp 2011

On July 30 and 31, 2011, around ninety parents, educators, therapists and lawyers met at the Scottish Rite temple in downtown Lincoln to attend a Wrightslaw Conference.

What was the Wrightslaw Conference all about?  It was a conference put on my Pete Wright, an attorney who has represented children with disabilities since 1975 and is wife Pam who is a psychotherapist who writes about raising, educating and advocating for children with disabilities. 
At the conference we received three very important books written by the Wrights to help us learn to be better advocates for our children

From Emotions to Advocacy
- teaches you how to plan, prepare, organize, and get quality special education services.
Wrightslaw Special Education Law, 2nd Edition: teaches you how to use the law as your sword and your shield.  Not only does it include the laws that you need to know to help advocate for your child, it also includes footnotes to help you understand the law.
Wrightstlaw: All About IEP's: This easy to read book helps explain what the law says about IEP teams and meetings, parental rights and consent, placement, transitions, assistive technology, and strategies to resolve disagreements.

Any one of these books alone could help you to be a better advocate, but the whole set gives you a firm foundation for helping to support your loved one with a disability.

Didn't make the conference?  Don't worry.  Book bundles are still available.  You can get all three books for just $40.00 (that's a $23 savings off the list price) and you can get them right here in Lincoln so there is no shipping cost.  Just contact the DSAD at
  (402)421-1338 or email  But don't wait, supplies are limited!

2010 Literacy Conference

The DSAF 2010 Literacy Conference was scheduled for November 6, 8 am to 12:30 pm.    The conference venue was the Scottish Rite Temple on the NW corner of 16th and L Streets.

Our speaker was, Tiffany Hogan,  a researcher /professor at UNL. She recently attended two international reading conferences and has access to the latest research on reading for children with Down syndrome.  Dr. Hogan is also the director of the Link N Literacy Lab at the Barkley Memorial Center on UNL’s East Campus.
Attendees of the Seminar learned
• The Simple View of Reading
• How kids with Down syndrome learn to read
• Implications for assessment and intervention
• Ideas to share with your child’s educators and specialists
• Techniques to improve word recognition
• Techniques to improve comprehension

The target audience for this conference included parents, educators, and specialists.
Those of you who have had the pleasure to hear Dr. Hogan speak will agree that she is a dynamic speaker with an excellent grasp of her subject matter.  


Behavior Workshop, April 17, 2010 

What Do I Do If They Don't?  Helping Children with Discipline Expecations and Techniques with Mr. Matt McNiff, M.A.

Raising children is tough work.  Raising children who display defiant behavior can be even tougher.  What do you do if the children refuse?  What if my child has a developmental disability?  What are some strategies that I can use when they don’t want to do what I ask of them?  How do I stop my child from tantrumming?  By the end of this workshop, the audience will have a better understanding as to why children display defiant behaviors and provide strategies for when they refuse, how to use timeouts appropriately, what to do when your child tantrums, and how to help reduce many more behavior issues.  


** The DSAF Fall 2007 Literacy Conference: November 3, 2007

*** Literacy Skill Development for Students with Special Needs ***

An exciting day with International Author: Patricia Oelwein


Download the Conference Materials: 2007 DSAF Literacy Conference Materials

PostConference Materials: Oelwein Slides

Speaker / Self-Advocate M. Martin Luncheon Speech: Learn to Live then Live to Learn


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